Secrets of College Planning

With Anthony Uva


Secrets of College Planning

This is a nationally viewed TV show, filmed in the Central New Jersey Network studio, consisting of interviews with subject matter experts in the area of college admittance. Some of the areas covered are scholarships, financial aid, the admittance process, insight about various colleges/universities, and other related topics.  This show also provides referrals for experienced services to assist with securing scholarships.

Our Experience

The producer/host of The Secrets of College Planning has over 30 years of college recruitment and scholarship procurement experience, working with students and parents to maneuver through the daunting process of college admittance. The first show was filmed in 2013 and since then has provided information and services to students and parents, with desired results.



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Our Demographics
Our focus is on High School students and their parents looking for their kids to go to college, and finding help with sports recruiting, admissions, financial aid, career services, and much more.

Our Philosophy

Our mission is to provide students and parents the information and services they require, helping them overcome various obstacles and difficulties associated with college planning.

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