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A terrific and relevant program and I am glad that I had the opportunity to be on the show. Anthony and I were able to have a candid conversation about sports, college student/athletes and success on and off the field. I am sure the information that we shared, with his audience, was impactful and inspiring. Anthony’s approach to the show coupled with his vast array of topics benefit all that watch the show.


1988, 1992, 1996 & 2000 Olympian, NJ Hall of Fame Inductee, Class of 2013

The Secrets of College Planning and Anthony Uva afforded me the opportunity to speak about the event that I am involved with the College Gridiron Showcase. It was a really well done segment and it was great to just sit and talk to Anthony. I don’t usually do a lot of interviews and Anthony was very easy to talk to making it easy to discuss the event.

Craig A. Redd

Co-Founder / Dir. of Operations, College Gridiron Showcase

Anthony Uva had me on Secrets of College Planning and I got to see first hand how much he cares about helping students find their way through the college decision process. He has helped so many schools get the word out about their schools, but he truly cares about the student first. Any high school student is lucky to have such a great tool to help guide them and their families. Anthony is a man who cares about higher education and the students interested in attending a higher education institution.

Chris Stelma

St. Peter's University Women's Softball

Anthony Uva hosted me on the secrets of college planning. The process of picking the right college can be very complicated which is why Anthony’s show is a highly informative asset for prospective students and their families. He also does an amazing job with the production of the show. The preparation that goes into getting everything right makes the show a total win-win for everyone involved.

Jason Barry

Director of Instruction at Springdale Golf Club, Head Golf Coach of Rider University, 2-time Golf Digest Best Young Teachers in America

The “Secrets to College Planning” is a great tool for parents regardless of where they are in the college selection process. There are a myriad of decisions that go into determining where your young adult will spend the next four years of their life. The choice is even more critical if your son or daughter is a student-athlete. Anthony’s show provides the parent and student-athlete insights into how coaches, administrators, and most importantly, former student-athletes, feel about the four year experience. It can save you a lot of money and heart ache.

Wendell Alexis

Former Syracuse University Basketball Player, Former European Basketball Player

I’ve had the distinct pleasure to be a guest on Anthony Uva’s show- Secrets of College Planning where we focused on the foundation of intercollegiate athletics. Anthony’s drive to dive deep into the understanding of college athletics and my professional career was unmatched. He provided in depth questions that could be easily understood by the audience to put them in a setting to be educated upon. Anthony is a truly intelligent and respected person that inspired me to learn and educate myself on topics of college planning. He is a down to earth and all around great man to know. 

Chris Mirabella

Javelin Olympic Hopeful

It was a great pleasure to be on Anthony Uva’s Secrets of College recruiting show . Anthony ask fantastic questions and really knew his subject matter. Anthony knew how important it is to make a good match between the student the coach and the school. Choosing the right school is such a very important decision a prospective student has to make. Anthony asked questions like is it ok to ask the coach how much playing time can I expect ? How much time do I get for my school work and is it important for the student the parents and coaches meet before committing. This was my first time on a TV show and Anthony made me feel relaxed and engaged the whole time that the show went quickly . I was just a junior in college at the time since then I have graduated ,played independent professional ball in the Pecos league in Texas and New Mexico. I am currently the pitching coach at Rutgers University Newark campus. Looking back being on Anthony’s show helps me when I am recruiting students at Rutgers. Thank You

Tommy Guinta

Former College Baseball Player

Had the pleasure of being on Anthony’s show (“Secrets of College Planning”) some time ago and despite my nerves, Anthony’s warm, articulate interview style and calm manner made it very easy to relax. It was a terrific experience!

Matt Bastardi

Owner of Elite QB

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